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What type of cases does Tully Law Office, P.C. handle?
Personal injury cases, including construction accidents, trench cave-ins, premises liability, products liability, motor vehicle accidents, municipal liability, school safety, medical malpractice and wrongful death.

How long will my case last?
Lawsuits require a significant investment of time. An average time frame from retainer to trial in the Hudson Valley is 1-2 years, although some cases are resolved more or less quickly. At Tully Law Office, P.C., we are diligent in the initial stages of investigation and discovery, to prepare well for trial and to thereby be in the best position to reach a negotiated pre-trial settlement.

How much contact will I have with my attorney?
At Tully Law Office, P.C., we are dedicated to providing our clients with personal attention. We encourage our clients to call or email with questions and concerns, and will respond in a timely manner. In addition, your attorney will keep you advised of the case status, all material developments, the anticipated time frame for resolution, and all settlement offers. We believe that communication is key to a solid attorney-client relationship.

How much is your fee?
At Tully Law Office, P.C., we accept personal injury cases on a contingency basis. In these cases, no fee is due to our firm for any legal services we render at any time unless our client recovers money through a settlement or jury verdict. The initial consultation is always free, whether or not you choose to retain our firm.

Who pays costs and expenses?
Every lawsuit involves costs, such as court filing fees, and both pre-trial and trial expenses, including investigation costs, fees for medical reports and records, stenographic fees, and subpoena fees at the time of trial. These expenses are paid as incurred. Although all expenses are the obligation of the client, it is the practice of Tully Law Office, P.C., to advance these costs and fees on behalf of the client and be reimbursed from the settlement or jury verdict prior to the application of the attorneys’ contingent fee for services rendered.

How much is my case worth?
Every case is different, and dependent upon many variables. The relevant factors involved in evaluating the value range of a case include the nature, extent and duration of the injury or illness; the amount of past and future economic loss; the degree of culpability of the defendant; the comparative negligence, if any, of the plaintiff; the existence of credible witnesses and/or other credible evidence; the strength of the relevant statutes and case law; the cost of anticipated litigation-related expenses; and the insurance coverage and/or other recoverable assets of the culpable party available to satisfy the jury verdict or judgment as might be rendered in your favor. Frequently, a fair assignment of a case’s value must await completion of all investigation and pre-trial discovery of all of these critical factors. This highlights the importance of the diligent preparation that is the foundation of our practice at Tully Law Office, P.C.

How much will we sue for?
New York State law no longer permits plaintiffs and their attorneys to demand a specific amount of money when commencing a personal injury action in the state’s Supreme Court. In the past, the summons and complaint which must be filed to start a personal injury action typically contained a dollar figure which purported to place a value on the case. Such a number was often so high as to be unrealistic, inflammatory and an impediment to meaningful settlement negotiations and this practice is therefore no longer permitted at the outset of an action. When all the pre-suit investigation and pre-trial discovery proceedings have been completed, the strength of the plaintiff’s case and the risks of the defenses raised against it can be properly assessed. At that point, the attorneys at Tully Law Office, P.C. can and will give you their opinion as to a value range of a realistic settlement. If defense counsel does not offer a sum of money acceptable to you in pre-trial settlement negotiations, then we will be fully prepared to place your case before a jury to determine what amount of money damages the defendant must pay to you for the harm caused by defendant’s negligence.

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